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Who can read my search query?

We don't know what you are searching for. After 7 days, we will delete all personal information (such as IP addresses) from the search data we collect.
We will never share your search query with third parties, except for services directly related to the processing of your search query, such as Bing. To ensure this, we do not use third-party programs on the cactus search site. In addition, we actively prevent "search data leakage" so that the sites you visit by clicking on cactus-search search results do not know what you are searching for.

Which of my data is shared with search provider Bing?

We work with third-party search providers to answer your search query. We don't send search queries or other information (like IP addresses) to partners.
For example, when you search cactus-seach, we pass the following information to our partner Bing: IP address (with mask), user agent ID, search terms, and certain settings (such as your country and language preferences).

How is my privacy ensured in connection with your served ads?

As with other search engines, search ads are displayed alongside search results. When people click on these ads, we receive income for planting trees. We may display these ads while maintaining privacy.

We work with our own advertising partners as well as those like Bing Ads to display ads based on your search queries. When you enter a search query and ads appear next to search results, no data is collected or shared with advertisers.

How do I uninstall the extension again?

You can find out how to uninstall the extension here:

How do you make money?

Like any other search engine, cactus search makes money by you clicking on ads above and next to search results.

Advertising is provided by our partner Bing and other shopping partners, and Bing pays cactus search most of the revenue from advertising.

cactus search earns a few cents per click for each portion of the purchase price generated by ads placed by Bing or associated links. cactus search will pass on profits from advertising revenue to reforestation projects.

How many searches does it take you to plant a tree?

It takes about 120 searches to fund one tree planting. Depending on how many ad clicks and how much search-linked ad revenue is generated for cactus search, you may need fewer searches.

Why do you plant trees?

Trees are the heroes of the planet. Aside from being the best CO2 absorbers we know of, trees counteract climate change, restart water cycles, and prevent the spread of deserts, turning barren soil back into fertile forests and farmland.

Where do you plant trees?

We plant trees all over the world. Most of our donations currently go to Mexico. You can see other projects we support here: