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Advertising on Cactus

How can I advertise on Cactus as an advertiser?

Basically, we prefer to work with large affiliate networks because we are only a small team. Nevertheless, we are always open for discussions with relevant advertisers. Just contact us via [email protected]

What is advertising on Cactus and what are organic search results?

Cactus does not change the organic search results. If you see a tree next to the search results, you can support us by clicking on the tree. You will be taken to the same link, but we will receive a small commission if you choose to shop at our partner shop. There are no costs for you.

They also have suggested affiliate links on the home page and Cactus Shopping products in front of the search results.

Can I support you by clicking more on the advertisements?

Thank you, but don't do it. You should only click on search ads you are genuinely interested in: arbitrary clicks could harm the advertiser and possibly even Cactus. There are also algorithms active that are designed to detect fake clicks and invalidate them. So just use Cactus like any other search engine. The money we earn from clicks on the ads helps us support our tree planting programmes.

Why don't I see any advertisements?

There may be several reasons why you do not see any advertisements on Cactus. One of these reasons could be:

  • You use an ad blocker. Have you ever thought about making an exception for Cactus and adding it to your whitelist?
  • The search term you are looking for is not displayed with advertising. This is nothing unusual
  • You use Cactus in a region or language where we do not place ads

Would you like to learn more about how we earn money with ads and finance our tree planting projects? Here you can find more information about our business model.

You can find more information about our business model in our FAQ